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As we enter the final phase of our Invest in the Skies campaign, we look back to the beginning to gain inspiration for the future. Your gifts will support our commitment to the next half century - a commitment to continue to provide care and comfort to native wild bird populations and to create an unparalleled and sustainable resource. This ensures future generations will have the thrill of watching a raptor soar overhead, appreciating the beautiful sounds of the songbirds' call, and witnessing signs of post-disaster recovery as the seeds birds spread beginning to sprout and grow.

Your participation and support will see this project to completion, making a real and lasting difference, both today and for generations to come. Your tax-deductible donations are truly an investment in the skies and in our future.

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The Bird Rescue Center    PO Box 475    Santa Rosa, CA 95402


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Our Generous Supporters

Many thanks to the growing flock of supporters making the flight to our new nest possible.

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