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Invest in
the Skies

The Bird Rescue Center is on an incredible journey—one that will impact our life-saving work in oh, so many ways. We hope you will join us!


The Story So Far

With the sale of the property we have called home for over four decades, we have a unique opportunity to leave our dilapidated WWII Quonset hut and build a modern facility to house our avian hospital, resident education ambassador birds and education programs.

Many of the key ingredients to create home are already in place! We have secured:

  •   A long-term lease on five acres in a central location in Santa Rosa

  •   A talented architect working pro bono to design the new facility

  •   In-kind gifts and services valued over $3.5 million 

  •   Over $4 million in cash donations 

Your tax-deductible donations will turn this dream into a reality!


Why Birds

The threats imposed by climate change—including the impact of wildfires and flooding—and human encroachment on natural habitats are causing our avian populations to suffer greatly. In North America since the 1970’s, bird populations have declined by three billion. This represents not only a tragedy for them, it’s a disaster for our Northern California ecosystems.

Birds are the most effective form of natural pest control, keeping rodent and insect popluations in check. Birds are the most efficient clean-up crews found in nature, preventing the spread of harmful diseases. They are our plant pollinators, and seed spreaders who help revive ecosystems damaged by fires and extreme weather. Quite simply, birds are essential to ecosystem health and to humanity's very survival. Without birds, ecosystems collapse. With birds, ecosystems thrive.


Our Vision

Each year, we treat approximately 3,000 native wild birds—birds who would have perished without our help. In this time of climate disruption and increasing human impacts upon the natural world, our services are critical. As a vital community resource, we look to build upon the strong foundation that exists today to ensure we are prepared for tomorrow.


Our medical care is already among the best in Northern California and our expertise is a valued support for other rehabilitation organizations. If all this can be achieved in a rundown WWII Quonset hut, think about what we will accomplish with a facility designed for the work we do, one with the equipment and resources necessary to support the volume of birds we care for each year.  The new facility will allow us to forge even stronger interconnected relationships and collaborations with other organizations and scientific institutions. And just imagine how we will be able to inspire and educate young and old alike, instilling a sense of stewardship for our avian friends, wonder and appreciation for all they do for us, and a commitment to help safeguard their welfare. This next year is pivotal to the success of this exciting undertaking. What’s more, this is an opportunity that will directly impact our local wild bird populations, our environment, and our communities for decades to come. We recognize we will only achieve our vision by working together! We invite you to embark on this journey with us and make a life-saving difference.


Join Us

As we enter the next phase of Invest in the Skies, we look back to the beginning to gain inspiration for the future. Your gifts will support our commitment to the next half century—a commitment to continue to provide care and comfort to our native wild bird populations and create an unparalleled and sustainable community resource. Your contribution will ensure future generations have the thrill of watching a raptor soar overhead, appreciating the melodic sounds of the songbirds’ call, and witnessing post-disaster recovery as the seeds birds spread sprout and grow.

Your participation and support will see this project to completion, making a real and lasting difference, both today and for generations to come. Your tax-deductible donations are an investment in the skies and in the future.

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