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Red-tailed Hawk #108 Release

Red-tailed Hawk #108 Release

We want to bring you a little sunshine with a Red-tailed's Tale. This juvenile was spotted around the Healdsburg Waste Water Treatment Plant unable to fly and, despite his injuries, for days defying capture. He was finally humanely captured and brought to BRC on February 20th. Due to permitting and legal restrictions, we do not have an X-ray machine on site. We are frequently asked how we determine injuries without one. The answer? A highly skilled and proficient physical exam. Our exam determined that healing had already begun—meaning we had a race again time. If the wing continued healing on its own without treatment, it most likely would heal improperly, and then we would lose our chance of returning him home. A veterinary appointment to confirm the results of our physical exam and for the bird to undergo surgery was scheduled for two days later. (Ironically, the day that many of you were attending our New Volunteer Orientation!) Surgery stabilized the bones and wing. After 2.5 weeks and many medications due to the pneumatized bone and suspected level of pain, the pins were able to come out and light physical therapy began. His recovery really took off from there. After a few days of stretching done by staff, he was ready for a small aviary. Over the course of the next 2 weeks he progressed quickly to our largest aviary, passed live prey training, and soared through his creance flight evaluations! After one month in our hospital, it was pure joy to return him to the Water Treatment Plant. Enjoy watching him return home!


Enjoy a selection of videos from our hospital, rescues, and rehabilitations.

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