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The Bird Rescue Center (BRC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is twofold:

1) to rescue, rehabilitate and release back to the wild sick, injured or orphaned native wild birds, and 2) to educate the public about the vital role these native birds play in maintaining a healthy environment.

Dedicated to care of native wild birds and instilling stewardship of our environment within our community, the Bird Rescue Center has established a distinguished reputation as a wildlife hospital and unique education opportunity. We have worked with countless wildlife organizations, state and federal organizations, research universities and programs. We have a growing reputation as a research hospital, are a recognized leader among caring for difficult or long-term species, live prey assessments, and pre-release assessments of native birds.

The Bird Rescue Center has an active online presence, inviting those from around the world to learn about native, wild birds. Our e-newsletters expand on our work and the myriad of issues impacting avifauna locally and through the Pacific Flyway. Our hotline staff and volunteers field calls regarding bird behavior, injured and orphaned birds and provide counsel, help and assistance to people from all over California, the US, and even get the occasional international call—the farthest away has been Saudi Arabia!

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