Become an Ambassador Guardian

photo of Poppy, a Red-tailed Hawk

Your generous donation to our Guardianship project helps provide food, housing, care and medical treatment for these amazing birds!

Surprise your special someone by giving them an entire year as a Raptor Guardian for one of Bird Rescue Center’s resident Raptor Ambassadors! Non-releasable due to prior injury or other condition, these beautiful birds — hawks, owls, falcons and more — serve in our Education and Outreach Programs, helping to teach our community’s children and adults about the unique and essential role these birds play in our environment.

Individuals, families, classrooms or other groups can all become Guardians.

Ambassador Guardians receive:

  • an 8×10 photo of the bird,
  • a letter confirming Guardianship,
  • a Certificate of Guardianship and
  • a BRC T-Shirt

Choose one of the birds below

Click on any photo to enlarge to get a good look. Next, fill in the form below (it’s an easy way for you to choose the bird and provide us with accurate info about the recipient) and then stop by the Center any day between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm to complete your Ambassador Guardianship purchase! You can also call (707 523-2473) and provide your credit card payment over the phone, and arrange for the Guardianship package to be ready for pick-up.

Ambassador Guardianship Form

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