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Team Ops vs. Team Build

The Bird Rescue Center will launch dueling Challenge Matches

to benefit wildlife and our environment!

With matching pledges of $100,000 for Team Build and $100,000 for Team Ops,

all year-end gifts will be doubled through the end of the year!

The competition is heating up. Which team will you choose?

Gifts to Team Ops will provide medical care for thousands of birds next year turning medically intensive injuries into life-saving experiences!

Gifts to Team Build will be an
investment in creating home and
second chances for native wild birds
for generations to come!


Remember, wild birds are not pets. They are naturally frightened of humans, and it is also against the law to keep them in your home without a permit. As a rescuer of an injured or orphaned wild bird, you have played a very important role. It is essential that the bird now receives professional care as soon as possible. 

Here’s some basic guidelines to help with rescuing a bird, download our flyers:


Invest in the skies

We hope you join us in Investing in the Skies to help make our dream of a new Bird Rescue Center a reality.


Your financial support provides food and needed medical care, allowing our dedicated team to rehabilitate birds and release them back into the wild! Your contributions keep our doors open 365 days a year. Please contribute to this essential work with a donation today!

Willing to Donate Four Hours a Week?

It just might be the most rewarding experience ever!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of The Bird Rescue Center. Birds arrive daily needing care. You can participate in the life-saving work that returns thousands of birds back to the wild!

Get to Know Us

Our mission is to assist the public in the rescue of injured, orphaned or ill wild birds and to educate the public on the important role birds play in the environment. We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit licensed by both State and Federal Fish and Wildlife agencies to treat and release native birds back into the wild. Located in Santa Rosa, California, we serve the northern San Francisco Bay counties of Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Lake and Mendocino.



Through our educational presentations we interact with children and adults, sharing age-appropriate information about our local birds, and the human impacts on our environment and the birds that share it.

Are you a teacher, parent or event coordinator?

Arrange a presentation with our Ambassadors!

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