2014 Lecture Series: The Wild Birds of Northern California

Four evenings. Four presentations by four regional experts.
Fridays: September 12, 19, 26, October 3 2014   at 7pm sharp

Church of the Roses

Patio Ct. and Hahman Dr. in Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa
(Convenient parking across the street in Lucky’s parking lot)

The lectures are free and open to the public (donation requested).

Dave Lukas, Naturalist and Guidebook Author
Lecture One

Sept 12   Feathers and Bones

with Dave Lukas, Naturalist and Bird Guidebook Author
How do birds manage to fly and function in such challenging environments, sometimes migrating thousands of miles? What makes birds so light? How do feathers grow? The amazing variety of plumage, both in structure and function, will be covered, as well as the specialized anatomical features of bird bones — getting to the very essence of what it means to be a bird.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, David is a naturalist and author of six books, including Sierra Nevada Natural History and Wild Birds of California. His latest book, Bay Area Birds, is the first comprehensive guide to the birds of the region. His research projects have taken him around the world, and he has led bird programs in California and Oregon for 20 years.


Lecture Two

Sept 19   Identifying Birds of Prey

with Larry Broderick, West County Hawk Watch
Join us for a fun and interactive evening and learn what to look for when viewing hawks, falcons, eagles and many other resident, migrant and over-wintering raptors, whether in-flight or perched. Adult and juvenile plumage variations, silhouettes and other hints for quick identification in the wild will be covered.

Larry established West County Hawk Watch in 1995, and the Jenner Headlands Hawk Watch four years ago. He helps people learn about the natural history and identification of birds of prey, leading tours for hawk watchers of all ages in collaboration with Sonoma Land Trust and Solano Land Trust, and directs the Jenner Headlands Coastal Raptor Migration Project.


Lecture Three

Sept 26   Songbirds of Sonoma County

with Veronica Bowers, Native Songbird Care & Conservation
Join us for an evening devoted to our regional songbirds as Veronica describes her highly specialized work to rehabilitate and successfully release these native treasures back into the wild.

Veronica has worked exclusively with passerines (songbirds) since 1998 and founded The Songbird Hospital (now Native Songbird Care & Conservation) in 2004. Passerines are a diverse group of birds that require a high level of specialized and well-managed care, and Veronica has been their innovative and tireless advocate.


Author and lecturer, Paul Bannick
Lecture Four

Oct 3  Owls of Northern California

with Paul Bannick, author of The Owl and The Woodpecker
Paul will take us into the fascinating and often-hidden world of the owls that can be found all around us. Explore the diverse habitats, physical characteristics and behaviors of these mysterious birds through the lens of this noted author and nature photographer .

Paul combines his love of the outdoors with his skill as a photographer, in order to educate and inspire. His first book The Owl and the Woodpecker (2008), remains one of the best selling bird books in North America. His work has appeared in many books and magazines in North America and Europe, including Audubon and Sunset. He currently serves as Director of Development for Conservation Northwest.