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No Challenge Is Too Great When We Band Together!


Now through December 31st, thanks to a dedicated group of community members, each gift you make to The Bird Rescue Center will be doubled dollar-for-dollar—up to $100,000 for Team Ops and $100,000 for Team Build.

No matter which team you join, and you can join both, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will help thousands of birds along life’s journey.


You will be providing medical care for thousands of birds who, thanks to you, will get a second chance to live free in the wild. There is tremendous satisfaction in reuniting baby birds with their biological families and an equal thrill in watching those once injured and in pain soar majestically and freely overhead.

Moreover, you will be supporting the non-releasable Ambassador birds who are the backbone of our education programs which instill a sense of stewardship for our avian wildlife and an appreciation for their critical role in the environment.

Imagine the good that will happen by funding Team Ops! 

Your gifts will:

  • Heal the sick and injured

  • Care for orphans until they are old enough to survive on their own

  • Give a second chance at life to thousands

  • Nurture our Ambassadors

  • Enhance our education programs, developing a sense of stewardship for avian wildlife

Your donation today will have a life-altering impact on native wild birds!


Thanks to you, our new facility will accommodate the thousands of wild birds who rely on us each year for help. In addition to a fully equipped, modern hospital, there will be flight corridors, species-specific accommodations, and an education center with an interactive museum for children and adults.

With your gift, you are creating a new home for The Bird Rescue Center, for our Ambassador birds whose conditions make them unable to survive in the wild, and for the thousands of injured and orphaned birds we care for each year.

Take a moment to visualize the new facility your contribution will fund. 

Your gifts will:
•    Build and equip a modern avian hospital 
•    Create better housing for every bird in our care
•    Provide our Ambassador birds with life-enriching housing and exercise areas 
•    Construct new flight aviaries to further increase each bird’s survival once released 
•    Promote learning opportunities for young and old alike

Your gifts will make possible the miracles of healing that take place within its walls.


By joining Team Build, your generous gift brings us closer to meeting the $100,000 Challenge and making our new center a reality!

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