Resident Raptor Handling Program

photo of Gregor Nelson, raptor handler with Poppy, the Red-tailed Hawk

The Center maintains a group of 18 non-releasable raptors (primarily hawks, owls and falcons) for use in educational programs and community outreach events. These are usually birds that have recovered from an injury but have sustained permanent damage, making them incapable of surviving in the wild.

Esme, the Merlin Falcon on the fistParticipants in this program have a uniquely rewarding opportunity to closely work and interact with birds usually observed only from a distance. Volunteers undergo rigorous hands-on training over several months, covering not only the care and safe handling of these still-wild birds, but also the study of migration, avian anatomy, bird identification and other topics commonly part of our public presentations. Once they become competent in necessary handling skills, volunteers are eligible to participate in our Educational Programs with the public.

For more information on the upcoming (Fall 2017) training for the Raptor Handling and Education programs: download this flyer. You can also view photo galleries of our Education Ambassadors and a collection of kid’s art sent to BRC following field trips to the Center.

Want to learn to handle and care for these amazing birds?

small image of Raptor Handler Training Info Flyer 2015

Every Fall, the Resident Raptor Handling, Care and Education Program recruits new volunteers to train to safely work with our resident birds of prey. The training is rigorous, but working with these birds is an awesome experience!

Interested in learning more? First download this flyer. Then contact the volunteer listed on the flyer, and leave your complete contact information (name, phone number and email address) and we will get in touch.

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