Two Primary Focuses: Rehabilitation and Education


The Rehabilitation Program includes all activities relating to the rescue and treatment of birds that are injured, orphaned or sick. Related to this are release activities and the housing and training of a small number of non-releasable birds that become part of our educational programs.  Read more

Education and Community Outreach

Through our Education and Community Outreach Programs we interact with children and adults, providing vital information about local ecology, the significance of human impact on the environment and the birds that share it.  Read more

Programs for Schools, Businesses and Special Events

ed-progr-kids_300x235Pay a visit to the Center, or we can come to you! Our resident Raptor Ambassadors participate in these memorable presentations. It is recommended to arrange your event well in advance.

Public Lectures

From time to time The Bird Rescue Center sponsors lectures on bird-related topics. For example, our Fall lecture series The Wild Birds of Northern California is open to the public, and is also a prerequisite for those interested in training for our Raptor Handling Program.

Community Events

Throughout the year, look for Bird Rescue Center volunteers and our Raptor Ambassadors at many local events, from farmers markets to the annual Tolay Fall Festival.

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