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Our Current Wish List

Many of the items below can also be found on BRC’s Amazon Wish List.

— revised April 2020

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law (Tax ID #94-2378213)

K&H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pads – 12.5″ x 18.5″ x 0.5

Mealworms – “Snookum’s Best,” 10,000 worms per box

Bird seed (hulled sunflower and wildlife blend)

Peanuts (shelled or in-shell, NOT salted)

Berries (fresh or frozen)

Fresh veggies (broccoli, carrots)

Ziploc freezer bags (gallon-size)

Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase pen-style markers, pack of 12 colored

Ohaus Valor V11P3 1000 Series Compact Portion Scale, single display model, 6.6 lb capacity

Baker’s Math Kitchen Scale – Model KD8000

3M Vetrap 2″ x 5 yds

Husky HK42WC020B 42-gallon Contractor Clean-Up Bags, 20-count

Home Depot gift cards

Reams of computer paper for printers (letter-size)

Large plastic baskets

Paper towels (full-sheet or select-a-size)

Kleenex (lotion-free)

Toilet paper

Chlorine bleach (not Clorox Ultra, which contains lye)

Pea gravel (any amount)

Doormats (non-slip with borders)

Non-latex exam gloves (small, medium and large)

Fresh greenery (unsprayed prunings) for aviaries

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