It’s official: Bird Rescue Center has signed a long-term lease!

lease-signing image with button

On April 5 2019, BRC signed a long-term lease on 2 acres in Cotati culminating a 4-year search for a new home. After investigating almost 20 different properties and having to eliminate them one by one, we were getting pretty discouraged. Now, however, we are pleased to report that we have reached a major milestone in our relocation effort.

dedicated BRC supporter, Jennifer ColemanAlmost one year ago, one of our dedicated supporters, Jennifer Coleman, responded to our call for help and led us to a property in Cotati that had been vacant for about five years. Based on her lead, we discovered the property had sold just 3 months prior, however, we were able to connect with the new owners Dave and Heidi Jacquin. They were immediately interested in helping us and set about making us a part of their plans for the property. J. Nichols, Board Chair and Benefactor Heidi Jacquin

We are so very grateful to Jennifer, without whom we would never have found this particular property, and to the Jacquins for their extreme generosity and unwavering commitment to helping us.

And now the real work begins.

We have a place, but we still need to build a new facility – which in this post-fire era is more costly than ever. We have set a goal of raising $600,000 by the end of 2019 to get the project started. We anticipate this amount will cover design, engineering, permits, and hopefully the foundation. We have received strong support on social media – which has been amazing – but what we really need right now is cold, hard cash.

Your donations will help ensure that the 3,000+ birds we handle each and every year continue to get the best possible care. You will also be supporting our 18 Resident Ambassador birds and our Community Education programs, which reached more than 47,000 children and adults last year with important lessons about climate change, our local environment, and cohabiting with native wild birds. We have one of the few Junior Volunteer programs in the County, and your financial support can help make sure that resource remains available to children between the ages of 13 and 18.

You can make this dream come true

In addition to financial support, we are looking for partners with experience and skills in the construction industry, sources for building materials, appliances, cabinets and countertops, and all of the other things that will be necessary to complete our new hospital and education facilities. We love donations, but also greatly appreciate discounts!

Local architects Daniel J. Strening and Ken Coker are donating their talents for the design of our new Center. In addition, we have received offers for some concrete work, and for door locks and closures. While a promising start — there is still a lot more we need. If you are in a position to help us (or know someone who might!) — please let us know.

Get involved

  • Make a donation online
  • Host a fundraiser and we’ll bring the birds!
  • Become a Member online
  • Volunteer in the areas of fundraising, grant writing, event planning, construction, etc.
  • Connect BRC with a major donor, foundation or grants program.
  • Arrange a field trip or program for your class, organization or business, starring our resident raptors!
  • Spread the word through social media, your family, friends, and community
  • Join our email list to stay updated and involved (signup form on this page)

Together we can do this!

With your ongoing financial help, we can make the dream of a new Bird Rescue Center a reality. Watch for future updates and please, give what you can, as often as you can.