Emergency Help for Birds

Stop… Assess…Take Action…

As a rescuer of an injured or orphaned wild bird you play a very important role.  It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE BIRD RECEIVE PROFESSIONAL CARE as soon as possible.  Please do not try treating the bird yourself.  With fractures and breaks, the longer the injury remains untreated, the more difficult it is to fix.  With young birds dehydration and starvation are quick to set in.

The information presented below should provide you with basic guidance to both assist with the rescue and to make the bird comfortable until it can be delivered to The Bird Rescue Center or other rehabilitation center in your local area. 

Due to limited staff and time we ask that, whenever possible, you bring injured birds to The Bird Rescue Center.  If you are unable to deliver the bird yourself, try asking a friend or neighbor. If you have exhausted all possibilities then call the Center at 707-523-2473 to ask for assistance with field rescue and transport to our facility. 

Remember - wild birds are NOT pets.  They are naturally frightened of humans and it is also against the law to keep them in your home without a permit.


What To Do First
What to do BEFORE picking up the bird


How to Pick up a Bird


Specific Rescue Situations